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My Story

Thank you for visiting Vitality Cryo Wellness Studio.  My name is Jenny and I have autoimmune disease, Hashimoto's to be exact, and possibly something else. The thing about autoimmune disease is that it can be very hard to diagnose, as there is no one test which determines an autoimmune disease. For many years I was in stage 3 chronic kidney failure based on all of my bloodwork. Suddenly one day, my kidney bloodwork was within normal range and has been ever since. I have weird symptoms off and on. Pain in one of my joints for a period of time, like my pointer finger, yep, weird. Or pain in the bottom of my feet in the morning, although that was only off and on for about a year: pain in my hips, headaches, sharp stabbing pain in my brain, another weird one, depression, hair loss, dry skin, WEIGHT GAIN - ugh. FATIGUE - always! No energy unless it is one of my latest strange phenomena of being wide awake at night as if I had just consumed 10 cups of coffee. Literally not sleeping for 30 hours, has happened twice now in the past 6 months. Yet, my thyroid levels are "fine". Finding something, anything to help me feel better and energized has been (seemingly) a fantasy. 

My sister has Lupus, which also is an autoimmune disease. Multiply my issues by100. Finding relief is very difficult for her and has consisted of pain medication, steroids and other prescriptions as well as over the counter options. Together we have tried many different things looking for effective therapy. 

After very suddenly losing my mom to metastatic breast cancer (10 days after diagnosis) last summer, I went into a bit of a tailspin. I had a very difficult time accepting the fact that my mother was gone and the circumstances surrounding it. Through my ongoing healing journey over the loss of my mom - which has taken many forms - I've developed a desire or possibly a need to help people feel better, physically and emotionally. Healing oneself is multifaceted in which our mind, body and spirit need be addressed. The path to my wellness studio evolved from that desire as well as the desire to find relief for my sister and myself.

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