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NuCalm is the world’s only patented neuroscience technology clinically proven to resolve stress and improve sleep quality – without drugs.




Our high-tech age demands high-tech stress relief. Other methods are unnatural, time-consuming, and unreliable. NuCalm‘s patented, clinically proven solution relaxes users without drugs, without delay, without fail. It’s a stress relief for the way we live today – technology to help you disconnect.

NuCalm is an all-natural, comprehensive 3-part system that is administered in seconds and takes effect in minutes. The benefits will last for hours so that you can own the day.


  1. Improved Sleep

  2. Stress Relief

  3. Improved Recovery

NuCalm®’s patented technology is clinically proven to help bring your Autonomic Nervous System into proper balance for optimal recovery and health. It disarms your stress response naturally by placing you in a state of parasympathetic dominance, giving your mind and body the resiliency, they need to perform the tasks and functions that keep you well.


After your NuCalm journey, you can expect to feel calm, relaxed, focused, energized, present, and patient so that you can own the day! Since NuCalm is priming your GABAergic system, you can also expect to sleep well the night following your NuCalm optimally. 

Single Session (limited time special) $20

10 Session Package (limited time spescial) $175 

For a deeper look at the science behind NuCalm, listen to this interesting video.  This video is long however goes into the fascinating science and explains it very well.

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