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Cryo Body Sculpting

Melt Fat
Tighten Skin
Eliminate Cellulite

Avoid invasive and expensive procedures such as
liposuction and Coolsculpting by choosing to eliminate
your fat cells in the most natural way possible!



Cryo Body Sculpting is an affordable, non-invasive fat freezing procedure that is performed gently on the skin. This low risk, non-surgical procedure works by freezing the fatty tissue at freezing temperatures, and eliminating fat in the targeted areas naturally through your lymphatic system (your urine).

Also known as cryo-lipolysis and “fat freezing”. The skin’s surface is painlessly cooled to 0-4°C (39°F) in seconds, permanently destroying underlying fat cells (apoptosis) which are then digested by the body’s waste management system without damaging any other tissue. Clients often see an instant ‘inch-loss'.


Long term effects from regular Cryo Sculpting sessions can result in a “browning effect” to white fat (stubborn fat) which is hard to get rid of. Brown fat metabolizes much faster.  After repeated Cryo Sculpting sessions, the white fat starts to become brown and easier for us to destroy.

Targeting areas such as:

  • Stomach & lower tummy

  • Love handles

  • Inner/outer thighs

  • Butt

  • Lower/upper back

  • Chest/breast

  • Arms

  • Chin & more

Each Cryo Body Sculpting session includes complimentary infrared sauna session to stimulate the lymphatic system and help release the toxins for optimal results.  It is important to drink ample amounts of water, keep a healthy diet and exercise (or take advantage of our infrared sauna therapy for an exercise-free detox solution) following your sessions to ensure the best results for your cryo body sculpting.  You will truly be amazed at the results!

cryo facial.jfif

Collagen production

One of the studies (1) considers cryotherapy to increase collagen levels. Skin is elastic and rubbery because of the collagen proteins. Not having them enough can cause sagging skin, wrinkles, and lines. Collagen also helps replace the dead cells with the fresh ones to give a playful look.

Reduces lines on wrinkles

Aging and collagen don’t get along. As you age, the collagen levels dip, making wrinkles look more aggressive. Cryotherapy sessions help collagen production and ensure you have enough proteins to fight-off wrinkles.

Reduces pigmentation

You may want to conceal age spots, sun damages, and acne. But it’s quite a task with cream and other treatments. They may not be as optimal as Cryo in replacing the dead cells. Moreover, it is a well-known method to flush the wastes. As it triggers the development of new cells, the skin has fewer pigmentations.

When you subject your skin to subzero temperature, the body glides into survival mode. The heart passes on the blood to your core organs, leaving your face pale. But when your skin gets back to the normal temperature, the immediate blood flow replaces the dead cells and gives your face a much better radiance.

Tightens pores

Bigger pores are a pain in the neck. Yes, they’re good for cleansing our skin. But they’re also prone to more impurities and acne in the first place. Cryo therapy can manipulate pore size for you. The fall and rise in cryo temperature tighten the skin and shrink the pores. 

Alleviate skin conditions

Respondents with chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis claim (2) to have been relieved by cryotherapy. If acne is not the best of your friend, the treatment makes sure you have all the necessary minerals in the body to fight it.

Core (stomach)

Treatment areas: Front of stomach, upper/lower abs, front/side love handle area.


Bra Line

Treatment areas: Front of stomach, upper/lower abs, front/side love handle area. 



Treatment area: From knee down to your feet on both legs. See "Thighs" service for upper leg & hip area.


Acne (body)

Our body acne treatment helps reduce the production of oils in glands, treating inflammation, and combatting some of the bacterial elements present in acne (CO2 is anti-microbial). This treatment targets one small-medium size area such as upper chest, or upper back, or shoulders.


Hair Rejuvenation

 Cryo therapy of the scalp area to stimulate hair follicle regrowth.



Treatment area: Most commonly the triceps-area of both arms. Reduce adipose tissue (fat) and tighten skin.


Chin and Neck

Treatment area: Chin. Goal with this treatment is to reduce the appearance of a "double chin", by targeting & reducing fat in the chin & neck area.


Men's Pecks

Treatment area: Men's chest / pecs. Goal is to reduce the amount of chest adipose tissue to provide a flatter, more defined chest.


Face Acne

Our face acne treatment helps reduce the production of oils in glands, treating inflammation, and combatting some of the bacterial elements present in acne (CO2 is anti-microbial). This treatment targets your entire face, or where acne is most severe.


Back (one area)

Treatment area: Upper - Mid or Lower back (i.e. love handles, muffin top or bra line).


Glute/ Butt

We'll work the glute/butt area and focus on slimming and smoothing. We'll also work within the very upper thigh area to help with some additional shaping.


Thighs/Hips both legs - 2

We'll treat both upper legs (thigh) in up to two treatment areas: Inner Thigh, Back of Thigh, Outer Thigh (Hip / Saddlebag), Front of Thigh. While we will focus on the primary treatment areas during the session, we will also cover other adjacent parts to ensure shape continuity. See "Legs" service for lower legs.


Cryo Face

Stimulates collagen production and helps improve overall skin appearance. Benefits include: tightening loose or sagging skin, reducing fine lines & wrinkles, jaw & cheekbone sculpting.


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