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Saline Tattoo Removal/Lightening

Vitality Studio is one of the only studios in the area to offer Saline Tattoo Removal. This procedure is a very safe and effective method of removal for Face and Body.  Li Lift Saline targets all tattoos regardless of age, color, and placement and is all-natural, consisting of Sea-Salt, Lemon and Orange Seed Extract, Aloe, and Purified Water. Saline tattoo removal is performed very similarly to how the initial tattoo was preformed, by using the special formulated Saline solution that is applied to the skin using a Tattoo machine. As we go over your old tattoo the solution bonds to the pigment and helps to pull it out of the skin. Healing is very similar to the healing of the tattoo, however, the solution continues to work on breaking down the pigment and pulls it to the surface via Osmosis. The pigment heals into the scab and as the scab sheds so does the pigment, revealing a lightened tattoo. we are currently only offering removal of Freckles, brow and lip cosmetic tattoos, eyeliner isn’t possible in a safe manner. We are also able to do emergency removal please read below for details!


Why is non-laser tattoo removal more effective than laser?

  • Less treatments needed therefore reducing cost.

  • Pulls most of the pigment out instead of having the body absorb and process the pigment (laser method)

  • Targets all colors including White.

  • Doesn't blister and less likely to scar.

  • Safe for face.

  • Specially formulated by Cosmetic Tattoo Pigment Company LI.

  • Less painful since we can use a topical anesthetic to numb you throughout procedure.

  • Can target specific areas around a cover up.


How much is it? 

Full brows are $200 per session as needed to reach desired results - each session will be spaced 4-6 weeks apart.  Emergency removal (within 48 hours) is $300. If you decide to get your brows done with us after removal then $25 of each full price removal session will go towards the cost of your new perfect brows!



If you have had permanent makeup or scalp micropigmentation done elsewhere within the last 48 hours and are unhappy with the results, contact me immediately for emergency removal. I prefer to perform the removal within 24 hours of the procedure for the best results possible. 

* It is very important you do not try to treat the area yourself as I will not be able to perform any procedures after doing so.

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